Dreaming and Presence

Paul Valery said, “The best way for your dreams to come true is to wake up.”

Every time I read that my mind says “Ouch.”

Understandably. My Conditioned ego absolutely despises being awake. It simply can’t remain as the center of attention if I am truly here.

I don’t know about any permanent state of being awake. That’s not really my goal in life. (I’m OK with having fairly lucid moments.) What I practice is returning to the proximity of now. You know, somewhere around the moment I’m in. I think that’s what Paul is saying or at least a useful interpretation.

We, or at least I, spend a lot of my thinking time living in the future or past. I believe that’s true for most of us. But if I get stuck in my dreams of becoming something in the future, or stuck in remembering what I was in the past, I will certainly miss right now where everything that can actually happen, happens.

I like Paul’s saying and have it posted in my work space. It reminds me that although the ability to access the past and future is useful, it doesn’t actually add to the quality of my life or accomplishing my goals and dreams.

Be well,


2 thoughts on “Dreaming and Presence

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  1. Yes, OUCH! I can SO relate… intermittant lucidity — keep coming back to that. I can live with that, too.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with each blog. It helps me get to know “me” better!


    Be well.


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