Seeing Clearly

A baseline in a lot of spiritual work is seeing clearly. Seeing other people, places, and things clearly is fine, but totally useless if you are unable to see yourself clearly first. Because, if you are not clear about you, how can you be clear about others? If we stay in awareness, it soon becomes... Continue Reading →

Where we happen to be

We don’t find things that point out and illuminate the path we need to take; we find things that brightly illuminate the path we are on so we can choose wisely where to place our feet. There is no next but always a now.  – People’s Dharma Circle It's another way of saying that everything... Continue Reading →

Zen and the Art of Fantasy

With the actual comes the fantasy. Our task is to be aware of the difference not to destroy our ability to fantasize. I think it's one of the challenges of having a spiritual practice and being human. I encourage people not to abandon fantasy, stories of the mind, engaging in contemplation, PLAYING (remember that?), and... Continue Reading →

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