Why Don’t we???

My Dharma Brother Dave and me met for lunch the other day. One of those wonderful ways to catch up with people you love and care about.

As usual the talk turned to Dharma. I was explaining my position that goes something like this: As far as the experience knows this is it. I come out of the universe, spend some time here, and leave. Now I know there is a lot of beliefs missing from my version. Humans have developed so many beliefs about when, where, what, and how of our travels. I guess I do well with the simplistic explanation. Since the experience experiencing is the only one of it’s kind, that makes it incredibly valuable. As most unique and one of a kind things are, like the Mona Lisa.

I went on to discuss that I am in awe of that reference frame. If I accept it that means that I would, as a matter of course, treat every single human with this enormous amount of compassion and caring. (Including my own experience.) I wouldn’t think of hurting another, thinking ill of another, staying angry, or demeaning another human. Why would I treat the Mona Lisa one time event in anyway but with kindness and compassion? And ingrained awe. I would SEE YOU as the one of a kind, front end of evolution, personified karmic miracle, and sacred experience that you are having.

Dave looks at me and says, “Why don’t we just do that?”

Why don’t we just do that? Treat ourselves and each other that way?

Greed, a need to be better than, and thinking we are the exact center of the universe has been conditioned into us on a level that is almost beyond comprehension. And the only thing we need to do about it is to remain aware that we are conditioned. The rest takes care of itself once we realize the how of our seeing.

What place are we seeing from? Isn’t that the real first question when in relationship? Not just a critical and opinionated examination of you. But, where am I seeing you from? As another one of a kind experience or separate selves attempting to gain the upper hand in any of a million ways? In order to see you clearly it has to start with seeming me clearly or there will never be a baseline for seeing. Only delusion and illusion.

On my way home I decided to engage in a practice that will start all engagement from that examined place. Where am I engaging from? Who do “I” think I am right now? All that is a new way of engaging for me so I will report back later this year and we will see how it goes. It’s hard to remember right now but I’m up against thousands of year of conditioned reactions.

But, I like seeing this. I think this coming year will be full of opportunity and possibility.

Be here during the holidays.


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