InterPlay and Connection

What we are seeking is our own emotional maturity not the ability to mimic some delusion about how “adults” act.

So Saturday I found myself interacting with other humans in the act of Play. InterPlay is an organization that believes in having us come together, explore our creative ability to move and produce sound, and remove that container that we all have been conditioned into believing is who we are.


Being an adult is all about what we can’t or won’t allow ourselves to do and be. It’s a word that acts as a limiter on spontaneous and genuine response. It’s a horrible thing to wish on anyone.

Having spent decades in the music and art world brought home the fact that most artists are not societies version of adult. But what they truly are is children who have emotional maturity. They engage emotionally, freely, and are able to set their own boundaries by listening to their inner genuine awareness. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

For me emotional maturity isn’t restrictive. It’s expansive. Not based on fear but freedom to respond and take responsibility for my response.

Saturday this freedom to respond resulted in being bonded to 17 genuine and willing people. People who would dance, sing, embrace, support, and weave with others they just met. It felt like being in a room with a bunch of my favorite and loving siblings who knew there was no judgement or criticism, only open and honest communication.

I am super convinced that this is indeed a spiritual practice. This moving from the myth of adulthood into a more balanced emotional and sharing position. I am deeply touched and changed by the experience.

To see a photo of the last event check out the page below. We all look joyful and truly with each other in body and spirit. I think I found a way as a mature person to still access those acts that allow me to retain that sense of wonder and exploration.

Big Bows to you all,


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  1. This is truly an enlightening perspective, and something that I know I needed to read. Far too often I feel we do get so caught up in society’s view of what a mature, well-rounded adult is. But, the scene that you just described…to me that would be the most profoundly healing process. To simply let go of all inhibitions, and react only to the ‘song in your heart’. And to be among others who are able to share in that experience…remarkable!!
    Thanks for the insight!!

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