God and Zen

Well, it happened again. Someone asked me about my beliefs. Sigh.

God is everything and inclusive. That’s about it for me. It’s a little like being a cog in a giant eternity machine and having someone ask me about the machine. I don’t think so. So I wanted to post a tiny part of the new book on recovery. It’s not about God but about the difficulty in trying to talk about something that cannot be talked about. Although humans keep trying.

Here it goes.

I have an encouragement. If you believe in God and know God (please use your own concept here), then there is nothing else to say, is there? I mean we can keep yapping about it but that is not going to provide insight or proof is it?

If I KNOW THERE IS A GODthen the discussion is over at that juncture.

If you “KNOW THERE ISN’T” then the discussion is also over.

But the chances are high that you are usually talking about a belief system, not a knowing. Knowing means there’s nothing to say.

Words are like the Zen boats used to get to another shore. Words are not the thing they define or present. At best words are a secondary character in the play of life. They all exist as metaphor. It’s sad how much power we give them. Our society has made mini gods out of our own words.

If we argue, it’s only over the different paths and not the “knowing.” In fact, most things that I know are not going to be open to debate. Faith or belief is not the same as KNOWING. I can say I believe or have faith in or I can know. People ask, “How do you know?” My response is “How can I not?” Most of us are in a search for something to have faith in or belief even if it’s just a belief in ourselves.

Too often, we place ourselves under the direction of others who claim that they have the faith or belief that we desire. Faith and belief may be the vehicle that will deliver us to knowing. Once we “know in our hearts” then there is nothing left to talk and argue about. Why would I try to convince anyone that my “knowing” is true, right, correct, or strong? If I “Know” then there is no discussion. We can only start an argument or debate when we are in the realm of faith or belief. I cannot possibly argue from the standpoint of “Knowing” unless Ego is concerned about convincing someone I’m right and receiving some sort of validation. Or, I am so unsure and shaky about my belief that it can only be shored up by making you believe it too.

In the end, there can only be the dialogue between you and what you know. An image that I like is of a jewel, with billions of facets, and each facet represents the image of God to each being    that is seeking. The jewel represents God. Nothing is wrong, everything is, nothing needs to be any different than it is because it’s not going to be different anyway in the moment is it? Change continues and the only question is how much do you want to be involved by being here and accepting? We are sailing in the universe and I have no control over the wind. I can be a good sailor and maybe if I look at it, that’s all there needs to be, a sailor sailing. I do not, and don’t want to, control the wind.

That’s from an upcoming book called “A Minutes Journey.” The book is about addiction and remission. This is an excerpt from a chapter on how much my spiritual search has helped my visions of abstinence.

So there it is.

May all you love be well,


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