Things that Matter

Today’s crisis will be tomorrow’s memory. How many times have we experienced what seems like our world is crashing? And yet we are here. Breath and Breath again. Accept and realize that you are equal to your own life. Bryan

Social Zen

Experiment: Say the phrase “Hell is other people”.            Experiment: Say the phrase “Hell is how I think about other people”.  Wait a minute and see what your heart says about which one of these is truthful for you. I am not fond of having to look at this issue. Recently I found myself going... Continue Reading →


I am a serious guy. That's my self image. It's not true though. I like to have fun. I don't have much fun because I have this belief that fun has to have a reason. I am not alone in that. Lot's of people operate with that system. So the other day I engaged in... Continue Reading →

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