Do Unto Others

Expanding on an old wisdom.

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  1. I think I was watching a video on the Diamond Sutra not long ago (it could have been another teaching) but the monk explained that Buddha meant even the rocks should be freed. That we should seek to liberate even the rocks from our projections or the work isn’t done until even the rocks … It changed the way I look at things and it’s brought me so much more peace. When I can put a little more distance from my emotions (which is easier for me to do with a rock than a human) I understand more clearly and then can practice carrying that feeling longer and further.


  2. Thank you. That’s it isn’t it? The Japanese have a practice called Naikan that relates to Everything in gratitude. Always thanking those things around us. I find it so much easier to practice with a can opener than I do a human. Sigh!
    Check our Gregg Krech at the 30,000 days site. He is in the forefront of Morita Therapy and a guy named Reynolds who wrote about constructive living. Reading the books helped me stabilize a bunch of stuff.
    Be well,


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