Outcome Zen and Tao

We will never know the outcome before taking the action. Transience negates the possibility of knowing the future. There will always be probability and possibility if we stay open in acceptance.

It’s always been a problem for me. Wanting to know the outcome. I have spent many decades in trying to figure out what would happen next. There are many things that I never did because I wanted assurance that the outcome would match my expectations and dreams. But, they never have.

There is no stasis here. Nothing is permanent. This means that no matter what the plans will change and there is no way to predict the exact happenings of the next event. That doesn’t mean that we can never see the future, it means we can’t expect the vision to be truthful until we get there. If I could work out how to foretell the future accurately I would spend all my time hanging out in casinos.

I was on a retreat and there was a discussion about how we operate on the knowing of patterns that are reliable. You know, plant a seed and it grows into a tree. Except when it doesn’t. You see it’s not the pattern or the pattern not happening that’s problematic. It’s the EXPECTATION that the pattern will play out precisely as before that causes conflict.

We experience this more than we like. The car starts and all of a sudden doesn’t. The friend who never says anything mean says something mean. The exquisite plan we had for the evening crashed and burned. That shirt I was going to wear is the one I forgot to wash. Sigh.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out if I can live without expectations. And, I have started to realize that I can. Why have them? They are like the anti- universe’s setup for suffering. Why not make plans knowing that they will change? Then there is never a problem when the plan is not exacting and precise. It can’t be.

This seems to be a key part of me growing up. Not becoming the fantasy adult figure we were taught kicks in at some time. But, developing a maturing and wise way to see the world. The good news is I’m not in a hurry.

Be well, I’m so glad to be back and recovering from retreating. And climbing.


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