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Just a heads up. I have started a page that is going to be specific to media revues. Just what I think about stuff. This months feature is Anthony D'Mello. Menu is at the top of the main page. There will be a new artist every few weeks. Check it out. Thanks, Bryan

Keep Going

Keep Going When all is said and done, the only thing that matters. Is We keep going in the direction we believe in. We may fuck up, crash and burn. We are the ones who pay for that. But then, Recalibrate, Turn toward your own heart, And move. No one will do this for you,... Continue Reading →

Tao of Addiction and Remission

All addictions, if discontinued, will find a replacement. This is one of those inevitably truthful statements that point to a way out of addiction. I have been finishing editing a book on addiction and remission and some Dharma friends have encouraged me to write more on the subject. To attain abstinence once needs to recognize... Continue Reading →

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