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  1. Hey thanks for this Bryan. Outside of the content (which itself was very edifying), it’s interesting that I never imagined your voice to sound as it does. Funny how our minds interpret from written words how something might sound on audio.

    When I feel stuck in an uncomfortable psychic zone — anxiety, despair, paralysis, or what-have-you — for me to acknowledge that these are common to the human condition, and also inwardly tell myself, “this too shall pass,” invariably I am seen through the tumult and on into a brighter realm of the mind.

    Thanks again –


  2. Although I’m not a Buddhist I was very much struck by Gautama’s pointing towards the inevitable rise and fall of EVERYTHING. I love that. Because it means to treasure every moment and also understand that things do rise and fall every moment.
    Thank you for the response.
    I always think I sound differently too!!!

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  3. Yes, the Buddhist principle of impermanence. But funny the preconceptions. For some reason, the general psychic flow and specific usage of words like “dharma” got me to presuppose your were a Buddhist. I see now that this was presumptuous of me.

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