Is that Enough?



I’ve been thinking.

If I show you my truest self would you let me in?

Would you tell me what you think and feel?


Reel me in,

Another homeless, street born fish, with silver settings and spurs.

To be parceled to the drooling hungry friends awaiting titillation.

OK here goes,

I care

I’m scared

I don’t know so many things that my heart hurts.

I’m looking for the script I missed,

           the lines that come next,

           the thing to say that auto accepts without sight,

           I am not Dorothy, Tinman, Lion, Scarecrow, or Wizard.

           I’m not Toto, I’m not that smart.

           I am the person in the corner,

           In the shadow,

           In the crowd,

           Lonely but not alone, but sick sad because I’m afraid to exist in a world I don’t belong.

           I love from over here because there never was a way to get over there.

           Is this enough?

           Honest enough?

           Facing away from the Great Eastern Sun toward the mirror,

           I see the Sun burning what’s left away.

           Is that Enough?

                         Bryan Wagner

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