Sharing my life

We lost our original girl, Kepurr, a few weeks ago. It appears that she had a stroke. She had been declining in the last two years but was still able to interact a bit with her brother and sister. We had lost her other sister, Mysti, a few months ago to cancer.

She was the queen of the house. Not a girl who like to play much. Throw a toy and you were awarded that look. The one that said “If you wanted it you shouldn’t have thrown it away.” She felt her best work was in sitting on her moms lap and communing in between naps.

She was our first addition to the family, so we have many memories. It’s difficult to be with an animal. It’s a commitment to bring a being into your dwelling and offer a place within family.

It is terribly bittersweet when it’s time. They don’t have the same lifespan that most of us do, it’s richer but shorter.

I am feeling the bittersweet in ways I never really did before. I am more aware of how time is a precious resource and needs to be treated that way. I am reminded of the unpredictability of living in transience. I am reminded that there are more important things to shower awareness upon outside of what ever ego thinks is important in the moment. I am reminded that life isn’t forever.

Enjoy life today.

In Gratitude for everything,


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