Walking that mile

It's the kind of thing we hear all the time from someone who is repeating one of those "wiseguy" sayings we are always reading and hearing about, it goes something like this: "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you judge them." Which is a pretty spiffy saying and makes perfect sense. But I... Continue Reading →


Lately. I stopped waiting, for that bus that never comes. I started walking. Along a path I never knew, with time I never had. And I met you. I met you and changed. I met you and laughed. And wept. You told me secrets I already knew but now understood. Nothing matters unless I say... Continue Reading →

Is that Enough?

Transparency Lately, I’ve been thinking. If I show you my truest self would you let me in? Would you tell me what you think and feel? Or Reel me in, Another homeless, street born fish, with silver settings and spurs. To be parceled to the drooling hungry friends awaiting titillation. OK here goes, I care... Continue Reading →

Sharing my life

We lost our original girl, Kepurr, a few weeks ago. It appears that she had a stroke. She had been declining in the last two years but was still able to interact a bit with her brother and sister. We had lost her other sister, Mysti, a few months ago to cancer. She was the... Continue Reading →

Poems, Films, Books, Music

Just a heads up. I have started a page that is going to be specific to media revues. Just what I think about stuff. This months feature is Anthony D'Mello. Menu is at the top of the main page. There will be a new artist every few weeks. Check it out. Thanks, Bryan

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