Delusionally Aware

Most of the time I live in the future or past. I have noticed that this is not helpful in processing problems in the here and now. I have slowly become more aware of how my understanding of how time, past, present, and future, has an enormous impact of my time boundary lines. Once on... Continue Reading →

Addiction or Tao?

The work of being in remission is nowhere near as hard as the work of being addicted. This goes out to all of those who are struggling to move away from those patterns we call addictions. My experience is that the above statement is truthful for me. I hope every single person is able to... Continue Reading →

Prospecting in Zen

“A new direction is like a river with various tributaries and branches that go everywhere, we are never stuck because we try a new direction, we get stuck because we believe it is the only direction.” Prospecting for gold is very similar to living life. We have a general idea of what we may be... Continue Reading →

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