Tao of Change

Compassion and Empathy come from the place where we start to see and identify that part of us that we share in others. But it’s not about thinking compassion and empathy, it’s about feeling compassion and empathy.

Some people get frustrated and ask, “How can we change others if we don’t confront them about their ideas and behavior?”

An Answer: Why would we want to change anyone? Especially if they are operating from a place of conditioning? What we need to focus upon is our conditioned behaviors and ideas. We quickly see how challenging it is to be aware of our own conditioned reactions and are reminded that this is a singular lifelong task. We don’t have the time and energy to try to change others.  

The basic concept is that if we all change individually to enable the world to be more compassionate, it will be. Even if only one person at a time. If we spend all our time trying to make other people compassionate the world will not change. Change yourself and you do change the world

Keep going, always keep going.


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