The Tao of Intuition and Knowing

Geri Larkin once told me that for every single situation that I would come upon, there would be an Apposite move that wouldn’t be driven by logical thinking. Although logic could certainly play a part. I was curious about that since most of my life has been spent trying to think my way through life. That hasn’t seemed like the best idea for someone who’s karma indicates that thinking is not my strongest ally when it comes to responding to circumstances.

I was taught a little about intuition on the farm where I spent time as a child. My uncle was a firm believer in reading “signs” that people, places, and things gave off. He told me that his “people”, the Blackfeet American Indians, were very much grounded in intuitive awareness and belief. I spent time practicing “intuitive knowing” with animals.

Here is an experiment. Next time you have the opportunity to be in contact with an animal see if you connect with how that animal feels about the connection. I know. Sounds stupid. Until you try it. I have had people tell me that while petting a dog or cat that they had the sensation that they knew exactly how the animal felt. They locked into both the emotional and the somatic response. It felt like they were stroking their own body and enjoying it. And yes, it could be their imaginations, or not. The person who has the experience gets to say what’s truthful.

I have a internal belief in the art of intuition. Some people don’t think much of the art and some, like my empath friends, live and die by intuitive sensing. I believe that no matter what the explanation for the sense happens to be, it’s real, and it works. It relies on inclusive mind that embraces everything about a situation. It engages the structures of all the knowing senses.

I was in a dharma circle last night and we were discussing intuitive knowledge and someone suggested we examine when the first time we noticed it. I told them this tale and how it grew my belief system.

I was eleven years old and on the one and only “vacation” I ever took with my grandparents. They ignored me for the most part and since we were camping on a lake, and I loved swimming, I was extremely OK with that. I spent my days in a bathing suit and playing on the beach. There were few people active during the middle part of the day so I had the beach to myself.

One afternoon a man and his dog were sitting on the beach and when I came in from swimming he approached me. He had the most beautiful dog and I love dogs. While I made fast friends with the dog the man asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the lake. I said yes. I wasn’t thinking and was focused on the dog. Going off with a complete stranger was something I normally wouldn’t have done. I started out ahead of him with the dog.

About half way around the lake I sensed that everything was getting dark. The world actual changed hue. I started to have ominous feeling that something edgy, creepy, and deeply sad was in the air. The feeling rolled over me like water and I remember shivering. Although there was nothing “wrong” it seemed like it was all “wrong.” The man asked me to slow down and walk with him. He had what appeared to be a bad leg and moved slowly. I had finally realized that I was pretty isolated with this guy, the dog had lost interest, and there was a tension in the air I couldn’t put my finger on. But it was making the hair on my arms stand up.

Something inside kept telling me to stay ahead of this man and out of reach. I stayed ahead about ten yards and he started to sound angry. He kept telling me to slow down. I wanted to get back to the beach and the few people who were around. I took a quick glance back and the man had a Buck pocket knife out, open, and was holding it down near his side.

That did it. I started to jog and by that time we were coming back around to the populated part of the lake. I was freaked. Deadly scared. He had stopped talking to me so I didn’t engage. I went back to the campsite where my grandmother was reading out near the camper. I said nothing. I felt like I wanted to tell her what had happened but my grandfather was a cop and I knew I would be in trouble for wandering off with the guy in the first place. So I stayed quiet. Not the brightest move but I was overwhelmed and just wanted to feel safe.

I didn’t see the guy or his dog again. The campground was pretty small so he must have left. I have no conclusions about what happened but I do know that if that intuition hadn’t of kicked in something would have happened and I sinceerly believe it would have been bad.

This is my memory. Is it exactly what happened? I have no idea but it’s my perspective. Intuition works in many ways. Sometimes it pays to come to halt in life and re-engage sense input and allow it materialize as feelings and a sense of what to do next. This is a practice in many cultures and often tied to the land, animals, and weather.

Take a few minutes and see if there are times in your life where you used your intuition. How did it feel? What was the focus of your attention if any?

Be still. Allow the senses to gather and see what comes up. I would love to hear about your experiences with the intuitive self.

Thank you for being there,


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