Between “What is” and “What will be”

I am what is. Is it enough?

Am I? Enough? Now?

I have been thinking, that I want to be what will be, only now. Right now. Why wait?

Except, while I have been writing I became what will be. At least a little. But that’s not enough. I still need to be “what will be.”


I don’t think I really want to be what will be, I want to be a fantasy and delusion of what I am, because I have already been “what will be” all my life.

There is no between what is and what will be.

Kurt Vonnegut portraits us as long worms going through time. Connected with no gaps. No, I was, or I am, or, I will be. That speaks of being truthful in my experience.

There is only a long period of now. Connected. To be the next thing before it it appears as us, is not a guarantee that we can be that thing we imagine. In fact most of life indicates, that due to transience, we have little control over the “next thing” in life. The place where we interact with us will always be around the moment we are in. Yes, I know that sounds like one of those, “Everyone knows that!” statements. But, like many of those statements it seems obvious until you try to live that way.

I am enough and equal to my experience. You are enough and equal to your experience. We are all enough. We always have been and will be no matter what the challenges.

With great love,


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