Gautama Buddha was pointing to the awareness and energy it takes to remain in Equilibrium and the challenges faced to remain in balance between two opposing forces.

We wobble. Humans do that. Not in our minds eye of course. There life is as simple as setting a goal, finding the needed steps, moving forward, and finally achieving the desired goal. If that isn’t happening, then you get told there must be something wrong with you. Either by others or you tell yourself that. You just didn’t try hard enough, or you failed, or you weren’t good enough.

It’s bullshit.

I have never experienced going from A to Z in a planned, straight, line. I never decided I would over coming all obstacles, and forcing the universe to adhere to my plan or cleverly find ways to overcome what ever happened. We tell stories about imaginary people who conquered all and made themselves, but I think that those are fantasy stories. You know, like all those movies “based on a true story”, with based being the operative word. Sorta, loosely based is more like it. Because no one makes themselves in isolation, and the number of uncontrollable combinations in the universe say that we are not in control of much of anything outside of our next response.

Everything always seems to weave and wobble. My job is to pay attention to the moment and see what needs to be done during the wobble and adjusting to the constant weaving of the universe. It like a plant growing. The job is to grow and pay attention to how I grow. I could become anything if I pay attention to how I’m growing instead of what I want to grow into.

This is why many of us don’t end up exactly where we planned. Most of us, if honest, ended up light years from those images of our destinations. It’s why compassion for others seems like such a wise thing. Because despite of how things turned out we are not separate from them or they us.

We get to pick a direction and head there. What happens along the way and how many times we change direction is not controllable. How we respond to the wobble and weave is within our domain. And even the response weaves and wobbles considering genetics and environment.

You belong here. You deserve to head in your chosen direction. Stay aware, be honest with yourself, be compassionate and understanding. And spend some time loving who you are and where you are, and all the things, including you, that it took for you to be here. I have no control over the cards I am dealt. I have minimal control over how I can play the cards depending on all sorts of variables.

Within an unknown range of factors, I have control over how I RESPOND to the cards I am dealt.

Read Victor Frankl

Part 2: Everybody else belongs here too. The universe is not fair. It just is. People can have the best intention, best ideas, drive, motivation, and still end up becalmed by the universe. It happens to more people than most of us know or if we know we choose to ignore.

Compassion and caring start in your heart and mind. Then it moves to how you respond and act. We are so powerful with the smallest movements, a word, a caring, a smile, a helping hand, or interaction.

We can be so not perfect together.

Be well,


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