One of those things that has come slowly but steadily is the knowing that there is a whole world of communication that occurs when we are silent. It seems that most of my peak experiences were not during the company of others but in company of the universe. Which certainly includes all of us but provides a different frame of reference when we interact with it.

Sitting quietly has different modes to it. Certainly sitting at the top of Grandfather Mt after several hours of climbing is a different silence than the one that I experience in sitting on a cushion. But, somehow they share an ancestor in the fact that the intelligence that motivates and sees is there in both cases.

In silence the most unusual events occur. In silence we begin to “hear” that endless thought stream in our heads. It’s a short journey to that insight that those thoughts are not US. We have been conditioned to think they are, after who else could it possibly be? After several decades of working on Cheri Huber’s material I have the belief that it’s mostly conditioned messages, either directly injected when we were young, or those messages restructured by the Conditioned personality to support ego. It is definitely not our friend or helper.

Once we understand that, and go deeper, there is that silence behind the constant jabbering of thought. There is the agency and awareness that Richard Lang discusses in his workshops on the Headless way. A way of actually experiencing the vastness of awareness that reaches beyond anything we can imagine.

That silence is the most beautiful silence I could ever imaging. Why? It has every silence, every noise, and every moment that ever was, is, or could be within it and yet holding onto nothing. It is the nexus point where everything comes together. Now lots of people feel that this is far too “cosmic” for them to explore. And, that in itself is the problem, because it’s not other worldly or cosmic at all. It’s ordinary everyday life that we suddenly see for the ecstasy that it truly is.

Check it out. Develop a practice of silence. Explore some of the people who have dedicated their lives to seeing this process. It will be worth every second that you give to it.

Be well,

Bryan Cheri Huber Richard Lang

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