Gautama Buddha was pointing to the awareness and energy it takes to remain in Equilibrium and the challenges faced to remain in balance between two opposing forces. We wobble. Humans do that. Not in our minds eye of course. There life is as simple as setting a goal, finding the needed steps, moving forward, and... Continue Reading →

Now and other now’s

Conditioned mind relies on the story of past and future to give it time to fabricate stories about past and future. It cannot survive in the moment. There is not enough time for it to manifest. In the moment our truthful nature exists. All those things we want to be we are right now. How... Continue Reading →


One of those things that has come slowly but steadily is the knowing that there is a whole world of communication that occurs when we are silent. It seems that most of my peak experiences were not during the company of others but in company of the universe. Which certainly includes all of us but... Continue Reading →


Growing, I bring the world I know. Living. I have now, again and again, Lived. Now has charged tastes of sight, sound, smell, and the beads marching and whispering through my fingers. Past, distorted reflections. Future, dust blown ahead by fragments of mind. Dreams of leaving and leaving melts it all. Until. Growing even more,... Continue Reading →

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