A Brief 2 years later.

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“We are not seeking stable ground in which to meditate we are meditating to allow us to dwell evenly on unstable ground.”

“Seeing You as I Am” is the second book in a series of Dharma sharing’s by Bryan Wagner. The focus is on seeing our Conditioned personality and how it effects the quality of our lives. Examining conditioning, projection, and aspects of the self applied to wisdom, it draws on many of the wisdom paths from the entire world. We need to examine and let go of all the things we think we are in order to embrace the agency that lives in transience but is not affected by transience. The book also embraces principles from Sufi, Non-dual perspective, American Indian, Hindu, Western, and Eastern spiritual beliefs. It serves to tie the components of beliefs and philosophies to a useful people’s path and direction.” This book embraces the message that there is a need to start listening to the basic wisdom that has always been with us, regardless of belief or faiths. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you and expect nothing in return” has been the cornerstone for all paths.  

Life is a journey to be embraced and this book will bring us closer to our own life and journey.

Bryan Wagner is a writer, speaker, musician, artist, and poet. Loves sharing from the Dharma wisdom path. He is currently growing “A People’s Dharma” network and writing the next book in the series.

Soon to be available in paperback from Amazon/Kindle. Available now in
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Thanks you to all those who made this possible. I do nothing alone, it’s all connected.

With love,


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