Original Mind and Transience

If there wasn’t an original mind that is aware of transience while being in transience we would never be able to know and experience being transient. Original minds awareness is of a process not a thing.

There is that which is aware and attending at all times. It’s there when we are awake, sleeping, or dreaming. It is that which lives outside of transience. Permanent and undying. Conditioned personality doesn’t believe there is anything but impermanence and separation. But, we are not the Conditioned personality. We are free. To love, and care, and engage.

I wanted to say thank you for who you are and who you will become.

I meet so many beautiful, engaged, and caring people. That is a challenging thing to aspire towards in today’s times, and yet there they are, and I love them for how they have decided to live life.

Big Bows to all of you,


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