I love silent retreats. They are silent but very intimate. After detoxing from the social personality we find so many ways to engage in non-verbal awareness and communication. It allows the opportunity to see a little more clearly. Seeing clearly seems like so much idealism. I'm always good if I can just clean the windshield... Continue Reading →

A Brief 2 years later.

Spirituality/Zen/Tao                                              $7.99 “We are not seeking stable ground in which to meditate we are meditating to allow us to dwell evenly on unstable ground.” "Seeing You as I Am" is the second book in a series of Dharma sharing's by Bryan Wagner. The focus is on seeing our Conditioned personality and how it effects the... Continue Reading →


Once side knows the TRUTH and debates with the other side about the OTHER TRUTH. If something was to be absolutely TRUE there would be no opinion, no other truth, and no argument. We wouldn’t need to argue over it. There would only be the absolute. People argue and debate over belief about truth. They... Continue Reading →

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