Meditation and Life Entangled.

When walking and hiking in the Blue Ridge I am always reminded that meditation is not something that we do. It’s a perspective that is viable no matter what our process of the moment happens to involve. 
Bankei and Hui-Neng both speak of Sitting, Walking, Standing, and Lying down meditation states. My take on this is meditation is about developing a Perspective that we embrace.

Meditation is not something we do, Meditation is something we become through practice.

Walking in mist,
tracing the Tao.
Ground clouds dancing,
on echos of my ancestors.
What is this?

(From “Songs to be Sung Naked”)

Just a thought, for those of you who are Zen practitioners, I encourage reading the “Sutta of Hui-Neng.” He speaks directly with an inclusive mind. I prefer the Thomas Clearly version.

Deep Bows to all,


2 thoughts on “Meditation and Life Entangled.

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  1. A meditation practice is something that I need to develop for myself!! I used to think that meant sitting and closing my eyes… but I think the meditative state can be accomplished with our eyes wide open- as long as we are in the right environment!!! For me- if I could spend a few hours at the beach- simply staring out at the vast openness of the waters before me- that would be the way to finally quiet my mind and reach the place of finding peace!!
    Thanks for the great post!!



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