Tao and Zen: The Don’t Know Life

I believe the sun will rise tomorrow, but I don’t know the sun will rise tomorrow. Big difference in how I process my reality and expectations. This is holding a belief that changes the heart. Some people will spend a lot of time arguing about the odds that the sun will rise tomorrow as a fact, without understanding that there is a reason it’s called The Odds. Because the odds are astronomical that the sun will rise doesn’t mean it’s going to rise.  It’s in a state of perpetual “Might rise.”

And it’s in our best interest to believe that the sun will rise and plan accordingly. We would be even more crazy than we already are if we constantly walked around preparing for the dark black tomorrow. The only difference is with an inclusive mind set there is no grounded expectation that the sun will rise. Only the awareness that I don’t know.

People argue in workshops about this. The Conditioned personality wants a concrete assurance that tomorrow or the next moment will exist. It also wants to be able to tell the future and project.

I have experienced people being here one second and gone the next. A few decades of abusing drugs and alcohol will do that, it offers unusual lessons. People can exit while your talking to them. Most of them were pretty sure they weren’t going anywhere that day.

A statement attributed to Gautama the Buddha is “Your problem is you think you have time.” He never said that but whoever did was making a point. So, things to do now.

Tell people you love and care about them. Do something nice for someone and don’t tell them. Do something nice for you and don’t tell you. Pet a dog or cat. Go stand out in the weather. Naked if possible. Spend some time looking in the mirror and grasp that the figure you are looking at isn’t you. It’s what society trained us to think is “I.” Breathe. Like you mean it. Then stop worrying for one minute. Make some tea, slowly, and with as much meaning as you possibly can. This is harder than you think. How much worth can you invest in making tea? Except if you knew it was the last thing you were ever going to do you it might have a lot of meaning.

If we started treating ourselves and others like we are all temporary with no known expiration date I suspect we might have a different world.

I love you all more than I can tell you,


2 thoughts on “Tao and Zen: The Don’t Know Life

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  1. Wow, what am enlightening way to look at it!! I like to think I BELIEVE that the sun will rise…. but I definitely don’t know that it will. I never do for ‘me’…. but always try to overdo for others. I think that’s because I live with the very belief that tomorrow just may not come, and I don’t want others to doubt how I feel about them. How I feel about myself doesn’t really matter.

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  2. I think not knowing is the very reason I view every second of my life as something that is a gift. I can give to myself and others. I can be of service for whatever amount of time I have. I really love that about life in general and the fact that we can all embrace what is right now.
    We need beliefs, they help us cope and define our paths.
    Be well,
    I am glad your back Sharon!
    Keep going.

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