Richard Lang and the Headless Way or Stuff I Can’t Possibly Explain.

I went to a workshop on 3/9/2019 that changed my life. This is much more difficult to talk about than it seemed at first. I went because a writer friend of mine, Hannah Burr, had made an announcement about the workshop coming to the Detroit Zen Center. I admire her writing and mind. She is a true Dharma sister. She and I had met for coffee and had discussed a passion of her’s, the “Headless Way.” She did a presentation at Insight Meditation, Ann Arbor, and I knew I was going to have to find out more.

A man named Douglas Harding started the movement and it’s now being taught by Richard Lang. I had read “On Having No Head” by Harding when it was first published. It was instrumental in my embracing Zen as a way of life. I had forgotten the book until Hannah mentioned it and referred me to Richard Lang.

OK. Here’s the hard part. I want to write about the experience but I can’t. I could write about the exercises but you can look those up on the website I will give you. I could write about how it felt, but the exercises were much more about pure experience than emotions.

What I can say is that I feel so much closer to whatever is at the center than ever before. As Richard said there is someone at ground Zero. I feel like I have been working on this puzzle and was unable to complete it because I was missing pieces. Doing the workshop gave me some pieces and pointed me towards others. Richard is a remarkable human.

The workshop reminded me of a purely Zen retreat only instead of sitting there were concrete examples and exercises that gave truthful experience to what people can only talk about, at best. They say when the student is ready the guide will appear. Richard Lang is surely a guide.

So I will be the finger pointing at the moon. Read, check out the website, but most of all, go to a workshop the next time Richard Lang is near you. It will open new doors and perceptions.

Be well,


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