Being Buddha or Being Buddha?

All those nice quiet Zen/Tao people you know that you admire don’t have a life any different than yours. They have a response to conditioning that is different. Practicing awareness is to “Welcome Awareness” to the ride. Awareness redirects the perspective on the experience. When we react from conditioning and are aware of it, we are Buddha, when we respond from genuine self and are aware of it, we are Buddha. Practice is to realize engaged practice. It’s all practice in the sense of the noun, Practice, which means application. Not to be busy preparing or getting ready! But to engage.

If you’re riding an angry dragon and don’t know it life can be filled with suffering. One day, after suffering enough, you become aware that your riding a pissed off dragon. OH! Everything changes. The dragon doesn’t change, the ride doesn’t change, but your perspective and frame of reference changes. You have perspective and see clearly. The ride is experienced differently, the ride is still the ride. Your response to the ride will mean everything because you are finished reacting. You are not responsible for the ride, only your response to the ride.

You may notice other dragon riders who don’t seem the least bit perturbed that they are also riding a dragon. They become people you want to know. Life becomes focused, but not on the fact that your on a dragon, the only thing that has your attention is HOW YOU ARE RIDING. What you are doing takes a backseat to how you are doing what your are doing.

It’s never what you are doing. It’s how you are doing what you are doing when you are doing it.

How’s the ride?


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