Zen and Tao, Never saying I am Stuck.

“A new direction is like a river with various tributaries and branches that go everywhere, we are never stuck because we try a new direction, we get stuck because we believe it is the only direction.”

This is to say that decisions we make are not permanent and can always lead to other roads. The outcome of any decision is never cut and dried, and in awareness, always feels like there is more to come. This is my response to anyone who is attempting to make decisions like moving, or getting a new job, meditating, or asking questions about human interactions. Like, “Should I leave a relationship and start a new one?” There are no dead-end roads when it comes to our life choices. Conditioned personality will make us think that all decisions are either successful and turn out the way we want or come to dead ends. The only dead end is where you sit and suffer.  

We engage suffering with the mistaken idea that there are wrong decisions. Wrong decisions are the ones that don’t have the result we fantasize for an outcome. The right or wrong duality will always keep us directly in the center of the universe and focused entirely on the ego. There are no multiple choices or degrees of choice based on duality. There is only right and wrong, what I want or don’t want, success and failure, none of which are what happens because what happens next has more variables than a casino.

As I have said before, part of the problem, most of the time, is we know the Apposite answer and we don’t like it, so we keep searching. Accepting the answer is sometimes painful and often doesn’t support ego, but it saves time and prolonged suffering. And diminishes suffering.

Where do you feel stuck? Job, education, relationship, or social life? When you step back and look are you really stuck? Or, do you use that as an excuse for not liking the answers you have?

Be well


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