Zen word

Lately I've been thinking: Conditioned personality seems to disregard the whole idea of spending my valuable time in thinking about my response. It reads any situation as vaguely critical, confrontational, opportunistic, and needing an immediate reaction to prove it exists. It has enabled a pretending that it must protect itself, be clever, and elevate itself... Continue Reading →

Being Buddha or Being Buddha?

All those nice quiet Zen/Tao people you know that you admire don’t have a life any different than yours. They have a response to conditioning that is different. Practicing awareness is to “Welcome Awareness” to the ride. Awareness redirects the perspective on the experience. When we react from conditioning and are aware of it, we... Continue Reading →

Zen, Tao, and True Home

"Moments of Feeling emotionally sad and melancholy can be a profound experience. Being sad and melancholy is suffering.” There is a profound difference between feeling something or being something. Awareness practice focuses on the intense experience of engaging then watching things rise and fall, never becoming that thing, never grasping onto or holding. See what... Continue Reading →

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