Enjoying life or In Joy with Life?

“I thought I was enjoying things until the first time the experience was IN JOY with itself. Everything changed.” – People’s Dharma Circle

What does it mean to enjoy something? I believe that it means there must be me, and then there needs to be that external that I enjoy or brings me enjoyment. That means I must, judge, have opinion, expectation, and all of the various components that make up the evaluation of enjoying.  On one side is the search and possible clinging to those things I enjoy and on the other side are those things I don’t enjoy and avoid. I sense the conditioned narrative that says I must “LIKE” something to be able to enjoy it. 

And, of course there is nothing wrong with that. But I would like to point to something that goes beneath that surface and dives a bit deeper into the human experience. 

The Experience of Being In Joy with Life.

In Joy is pronounced a wee bit different than enjoy. It sounds almost exactly the same. But there is a huge difference in how we relate to life using either term. To be “In Joy” with life means that you are carrying Joy with you and not having to rely on external situational events. It is the genuine self and joy as one. 

If we sought to develop a sense of Joy, and the sense of being in Joy With life, we get to bypass seeking out those things that will provide enjoyment. In Joy means to embrace the experience of life and all it brings to the table with the wonder, gratitude, gratefulness, and love that keeps us in the present moment and engaged. 

If we are seeking those experiences to enjoy we are always going to be creating a separate self that enjoys. This means we will be seeking that external thing and in fact rely on those external things to bring joy to our lives. 

Any externals will change, if we rely on external people, places, and things to provide enjoyment, the things we enjoy soon fade. If we develop a perspective of being “In Joy” with life it will pulse with the environment but we can quickly reunite with it. There is Joy in being aware, in gratitude, with compassion, caring, and the projection of love.

Is there a difference between enjoying and being In Joy? I would love to hear your frame of reference on this and how either or both affect the process of you life.

Be well,


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