Wise Words and Vows

Awareness of Transience is Reality

Do Good – Don’t Do Evil.

Harm No – One. 

Study Yourself.

Do unto others as you would do to your-self  and Expect Nothing in return. Do unto yourself as you would do unto others and Expect Nothing in return. 

Practice Accepting all that is right now. 

Say Yes to Life.

Live and Love.

Always Remember, Life is Bittersweet.

And, the Practice is to return to all of this again, and yet again.

A very long time ago I was asked to consider taking the Precepts as a model for actions. I have done so a few times now and am always glad to reconfirm my commitment. 

A very, very, long time ago I was challenged to develop a set of personal vows that would act as a personal direction in life. I did and found that they are a living breathing process. I read and borrowed all the wisdom teachings I could find and narrowed them down to statements that mean much to me.  I review and update every once in a while. 

What are the words you live by? Please share with us and pass this along.

In gratitude,


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