Bridging the Path

One of the facets of Zen I like so much is the way it’s a living and breathing Dharma. Much like it’s Cousin Taoism. I am going to be working on the website over the Holidays and want to share the direction of the evolution.

After decades of study, I still find myself deeply involved in this hunter/gatherer stage of Dharma exploration. I am driven to find what works for people when they are up against the Bittersweet challenges of life. I want to know what processes and practices of wisdom we all use. I know that all faiths and paths of expansion have ways and means, but what I am really interested in is your experience of what works for you. What do you think might be those process that work for others? 

What are you doing to stay in the middle ground?  What gives you the energy and drive?    What gets you to the other side of the hard times and what helps you celebrate the good times? 

What gives you the energy and drive? What gets you to the other side of the hard times and what helps you celebrate the good times? 

Much of this has come out of a single group of people who meet twice a month to share collective Dharma and perspectives. We don’t have a “Teacher.” Years ago we decided in the very first meeting that we could take turns “Guiding” the meetings. No pressures to do so but the space for possibilities  has been made. We have people from a few organized faiths, some who are agnostic, some Buddhist based, and a Baha’i. I have never been in such a rich, supported, sharing, respectful, and caring environment. David, one of the members, put it this way as an explanation of our methods,  “Perhaps we are a mature group of practitioners who don’t need a “teacher.” 

We debate, disagree, laugh, share sadness, and bittersweet experiences. We learn what works and what doesn’t. We learn to listen, we learn respect, we don’t introduce dogma and rhetoric because they are not what energizes our awareness. We have experience life and death with members of this group and have given each other support freely. We are all aware that we may not have any solutions or answers, but what we do have is a heart of caring and a willingness to support. 

So here is the question. Are you willing to share? As this evolves and others find it interesting I want to open up the People’s Dharma further as an offering to all people who are forging their path in awareness regardless of what formal system you follow. I think the time has come for the people to come together and start sharing our process with each other. I have seen that this can be done. 

I have posted a blog entitled “An Open Letter” and I hope you will take a look. I would love to engage with others who’s drive and direction is to open the doors of wisdom so that we can all share. 

We are the wisdom we seek, we are compassionate and kind, and we have love in our hearts and minds. It’s time to connect. 

In Loving Kindness


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