My Metta

Lately I’ve been thinking.         I was involved in a Metta practice last year and, for those not familiar, it involves sending out positive thoughts and energy to others. Friends or enemies, people you don’t know or never met. I think it’s a good practice for some people. I suspect because it has some basis... Continue Reading →

Crayons and Me

Lately I have been thinking: Like a box of crayons, we are all born with different colors and themes. Too much time is spent comparing, debating, and judging different colors and amounts instead of celebrating the miracle that we all experience. The miracle of the colors and dynamics that have been gifted to us. We did... Continue Reading →

Wise Words and Vows

Awareness of Transience is Reality Do Good - Don't Do Evil. Harm No - One.  Study Yourself. Do unto others as you would do to your-self  and Expect Nothing in return. Do unto yourself as you would do unto others and Expect Nothing in return.  Practice Accepting all that is right now.  Say Yes to... Continue Reading →

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