The Seeking Self

The Seeking Self

Questions About You

I think in so many ways it’s the main factor in a spiritual journey. Because I have finally taken the next step in a People’s Dharma, I wanted to ask some questions concerning your personal journey.

Question: Do you believe that someone can teach you compassion or caring? Or, do you think it’s a matter of actualizing the compassion and caring you already have?

This question came from a People’s Dharma Circle when we started to discuss the difference between guiding and teaching. The overall belief seemed to be that we can teach mechanics and knowledge about things we know, math, engineering, language, or any of the disciplines that rely on sequential information and linear structures.

We cannot “teach” anyone about how their own mind and spirit operate. We cannot actual teach meditation, we can guide people in the mechanics of sitting, standing, laying down, or walking meditation. We cannot “teach”presence, awareness, focus, or give directions on anything to do with your mind and spirit processing.

That’s the first question.

Question: Do we need to add onto and change what we are? Or, do we need to uncover what we are?

So. to travel on a spiritual path do we need to change ourselves and acquire new parts or do we need to uncover what we have? Could it be a combination of the two?

This came from the same circle when we were discussing Buddha nature and whether we are born with it or acquire it.

I told the group I would post these questions. If you have some idea’s or responses it would be a great gift to share your ideas. Thank you so much!

Be well,


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