The Journey and Change

On the Way

We are all on a journey through time. 

     How do we develop our perspective?

We develop our conditioned perspective when we learn language. The language of labels and meanings  directs us towards the labeling and defining of people, places, and things. All of what we think we know has been given to us. This is not good or bad. It is the way we evolve as humans at this stage. Conditioned mind is the collection of information which we have acquired from others, from history, from others experience. Everything we think we know about ourselves comes from a data base conceived in and relying on the past. Conditioned mind forms a sense of separate self or social ego. Most of us remain in this mode of viewer and object. 

     How do we evolve from that paradigm?

The building of information that engages laterally. We share what we know with others and store the knowledge we acquire from them. Using information from the past to the present, we trade and develop the “new” by using our ability to communicate information from the past and share that with others. We extrapolate, experiment putting pieces together, and form what appear to be “new” pieces of information. 

What we usually like to think of as having  proof that something new is valid is when we see if it corresponds to current truthful data that we have in the moment. We take what we know, apply actions, and see what holds together. Proof is one of those odd words, like the word TRUTH. Words that indicate finality and a static state of being are always suspect in my universe. 

Proof is contingent depending on what we have as a data base and how refined the tools of measurement were at the time of using them. Remember, it’s tremendously useful to have this perspective of proof to see how truthful a thing is in the moment. The perspective is complete if we keep in mind that everything is contingent and in a state of flow. Knowing and operating from a position that the world is flat is situational and temporary. At some points we were able to offer “proof” that the world existed as a plate. Soon, as we expanded contact and traded information, we could see the world is not flat, but round. Our beliefs change as we accumulate information, knowledge, and wisdom. 

We cycle conditioning and obtained information. We are conditioned, and condition others as the cycle continues. We flip patterns and add to them from lateral sharing. This way works well in mathematics, sciences, and any form of development that can be built by acquiring knowledge, building a body of working knowledge, absorbing new knowledge, and applying it. This can be slow, methodical, and tedious, but the results are linear and can be experienced. This is based on experiencing patterns and seeing how the patterns fit with each other. Invention, if you will!

This way has, unfortunately, has been applied to things like spirituality, emotional structure, and the developing arts like psychology. We build religion from looping when in reality, in the movement and flow of spiritual being, there are no patterns that can be applied to our moment to moment perspective. There is thought, but thought hinges on discrete and changing patterns and since we loop and repeat that thought there is nowhere to go. Instead of the process evolving we end up building pyramid social structures. The purpose of these social structure is to keep the information looping. 

     How do we change a conditioned perspective? 

There are a few process that we can explore.

Perhaps the greatest hurdle is to move from the intellectual knowledge that we are not a separate self and start living as connected. There is no doubt in my experience that although most people will readily admit that we are all connected there is still that ongoing behavioral indicator that we are separate and distinct from everything. 

Try this experiment. Outside of food and water, although I think the experiment still applies, check in with yourself the very next time you are going to buy something. Anything. A book, clothes, electronics, DVD, CD, any personal item will suffice. Who are you buying it for? What is the intent in buying? 

Are you buying it as a process of connection? (Inclusive mind) If you are buying an item as process, you will find that you are thinking in terms of inclusion. You won’t be thinking entirely in terms of the object and you will include the whole picture. How will this item fit into the process of life as a whole?


Are you buying it for a separate individual, a stand alone entity?  (Exclusive mind) If you are buying it just to own, it’s exclusive mind. If you find yourself purchasing something as separate you will see yourself thinking in terms of exclusivity and proximity. Why “I” am buying and what “I” am doing with it. If you take conditioned ego out there is still something there that responds to the paradigm of conditioning. 

I had a discussion the other day concerning the concept of self. A few people were reflecting the belief that there is no self. Not the idea of no Permanent Self. But the concept of no actual being, period. And, they followed that with a discussion about the point  of meditating. Why meditate at all? If there is no then what is it that is meditating and what does it want to accomplish? 

   Folding Back into the core that knows transience. 

So, we live in transience and experience the billion impacts of Karma every second of our lives. Something generates and receives Karma.

There is an awareness of the awareness of change.

That constitutes the ORIGINAL MIND which is the experience of intelligence being aware of consciousness. It’s the original consciousness that lives in transience.  It exists in this one long moment called life and is saying  this experience can be a passionate experience.  Something recognizes and experiences something. We all have this something.

There are a ton of theories and explanations concerning this awareness of transience. Most “Answers” always boil down to accepting an authorities interpretation of past information. (There are no “answers” to the question of self, there are only belief systems!)  Someone who “knows’ shit decides that they have the answer. Most of the time they claim it’s so mystic that only the very few who understand.  (You will notice it’s the people on top of the pyramid who understand!)  The rest of us serfs get to listen. We have all bowed to this type of authority at some time or another. It becomes little more that a control and power issue. 

But here it is. Can you argue about being a self? Can someone look at you and convince you that you are no a self? No. You are not a personality, you are not in isolation, and if we are connected then there is a connection between somethings. You can’t connect between two nothings. You get it. We are that thing that recognizes that everything including itself is in motion and change. That thing that is here for a few seconds, days, weeks, months, years, decades, and then what happens next is a mystery. Much like the mystery of what happened before the awareness.


So, to change from a conditioned perspective means to start moving away from conditioning towards that thing that knows it’s conditioned. A primal intelligence that has awareness. We practice that by meditating and paying attention to the minds endless workings!


“Dharma is the teaching, the understanding, the contents of the enlightened mind. It is the joy of the experience of intelligence knowing itself. “

What do you think? 

In Loving kindness,


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