Emerging into the Moment

      We meditate so we can develop the art of being here, with what is going on around us, right now. We know that the mind doesn’t stay in that “Right now mode” on a continuous basis, but we can learn to reach forward and reach back while we return to the moment because we have the tools to do so. The message is that we don’t need to work our asses off trying to be here all the time. Working your butt off trying to be something you are is a waste of time. What we want to achieve is to slowly narrow the parameters of time until we are right here. A big part of this process relies  on not stopping at the idea of being in the moment. Being in the moment is only a fragment of the whole experience of being human. We need to experience the whole process. 

We practice to be in the moment like a ball player practices the game. She may receive some insights on playing the game by reading, watching, talking, and thinking, but these remain useless unless she starts to play. Both areas are valuable and complement each other.

We want to practice meditation in both directions.

One, we narrow our focus to right now.

Two, we expand our focus from the now. KEEPING A FRAGMENT OF THE NOW WITH US.  

      We are used to processing a one way system. It doesn’t work that way. We naturally move from center focus to broader focus. We will not find a narrow or a broad focus on a permanent basis. That’s like holding onto the idea of wanting to breath but deciding that we are only going to exhale. You can do it for a time but sooner or later your going to take a breath. So, we naturally narrow our focus and then expand and narrow our focus and then expand. Meditation allows the applied concentration that will focus our perceptions. We take that narrow focus, just a bit, with us when we expand. Over years of meditating we start to take the “Now” with us as we travel and noticing the now becomes more ingrained. The more we practice the more we travel with the now as part of our being. 

      Sometimes we struggle with the idea of sitting (or whatever method works for you) and attempt to make and effort to sit. It’s as though the conditioned ego decides to use sitting as a tool to remain in center. We aspire to an ideal of sitting but forget that sitting is not a goal that represents life, it is only a small portion of what we consider “living.”

      In a lot of ways pushing sitting reminds me of the 12 Step saying “Fake it till you make it.”  Act as though it’s real and it will become so. I am not at all disagreeing with this philosophy. I do think there is a slight twist in it.

Effort may superficially change behavior. However effort does not change internal perspective. 

A behavior may change perspective if done in awareness and the awareness leads to understanding the behavior. If not, then we can fake it forever in an unaware state. 

Understanding may lead to different action because we simply change our way of being by growing and evolving perspective away from an old action. Our perspective changes on the action itself. 

A change in our perspective is a change in our way of being. The change can evolve and continue to grow along another path. 

     Conditioned Ego is intensely invested in you using Conditioned Ego to change Conditioned Ego into something other than Conditioned Ego so it can remain Conditioned Ego. 

       To change this requires us to add awareness into our conditioned thought processes and reactive behaviors. This starts when we build a meditation practice, listen to that inner conversation, and become aware that so much of it is simply stories and lies about the reality of who and what we are.     


Please let me know your thoughts, aspirations, and evolutionary paths. As always, 

Bryan Wagner























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  1. Hi Bryan Wagner,

    Thank you for explaining the concept and practice of living in the now in your excellent post about the art of being here. You obviously know and love the topic very well.

    Given the importance of the topic and the quality of your post, I have decided to hyperlink your post to mine at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/soundeagle-in-best-moment-award-from-moment-matters/

    You are very welcome to review or critique my post, which has quoted some of your statements.

    Your other post entitled “Presence as present” has also been hyperlinked to my said post.

    May you find this autumn and the rest of the year very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking, meditating and blogging!

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