Prospecting in Zen

“A new direction is like a river with various tributaries and branches that go everywhere, we are never stuck because we try a new direction, we get stuck because we believe it is the only direction.” Prospecting for gold is very similar to living life. We have a general idea of what we may be... Continue Reading →

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Balancing life, Chan and Tao

We don’t find a balance point, we seek to become skilled in balancing. It's perhaps one of the most important things I've learned in studying Zen. The expectation of being in balance is one of a perfect state of being. There are no perfect states of being. Only the constant ebb and flow of the... Continue Reading →

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Tao of Change

Compassion and Empathy come from the place where we start to see and identify that part of us that we share in others. But it’s not about thinking compassion and empathy, it’s about feeling compassion and empathy. Some people get frustrated and ask, “How can we change others if we don’t confront them about their... Continue Reading →

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Viewing From Zen

We can be seeing things clearly and still take a fall. The objective is to remain in a place where we can increase our odds of success and not in an imaginary place that will supposedly guarantee success. Note: There is nowhere in the universe that guarantees success. No matter how anyone may want to... Continue Reading →

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Presence as present

I know, it's a strange title for a blog. But accurate. I gave this talk about presence for a Buddhist class a few months ago and the subject of how people receive presence came up. Well, my answer is "I don't actually know." But I do have some observations about being present for others. So... Continue Reading →

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"Looking desperately for the thing in my hand will guarantee that I won't find it unless I develop the skill of attention." Bryan

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The Tao of Intuition and Knowing

Geri Larkin once told me that for every single situation that I would come upon, there would be an Apposite move that wouldn't be driven by logical thinking. Although logic could certainly play a part. I was curious about that since most of my life has been spent trying to think my way through life.... Continue Reading →

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Belief and Knowing

I believe the sun will rise tomorrow, but I don’t know the sun will rise tomorrow. Big difference in how I process my reality and expectations. This is holding a belief lightly. Some people will spend a lot of time arguing about the odds that the sun will rise tomorrow as a fact without understanding... Continue Reading →

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Time of Zen and Tao

Right now is yesterdays future. Right now is tomorrows past. If you want to improve the future do it now. If you want to improve your past, also do it now. There is much to be said about being as close to the moment as possible. In Compassion and Love, Bryan

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Gautama Buddha was pointing to the awareness and energy it takes to remain in Equilibrium and the challenges faced to remain in balance between two opposing forces. We wobble. Humans do that. Not in our minds eye of course. There life is as simple as setting a goal, finding the needed steps, moving forward, and... Continue Reading →

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Now and other now’s

Conditioned mind relies on the story of past and future to give it time to fabricate stories about past and future. It cannot survive in the moment. There is not enough time for it to manifest. In the moment our truthful nature exists. All those things we want to be we are right now. How... Continue Reading →

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One of those things that has come slowly but steadily is the knowing that there is a whole world of communication that occurs when we are silent. It seems that most of my peak experiences were not during the company of others but in company of the universe. Which certainly includes all of us but... Continue Reading →

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The Journey

It took a while to get the paperback book together. A few changes but the Ebook and paperback are out. I am so happy that this material is now available. It's amazing how much support I receive from others that allows me to act as a conduit for this material. Everyone I meet and have... Continue Reading →

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Retreating part 2

I returned from retreat a couple days ago and have been catching up with contacts and various friends. I loved the retreat. Lately I have been experiencing retreats in a different way and wanted to write a few words about the experiences. One morning at 5AM, I got up to meditate which I truly love... Continue Reading →

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Tao of Evolution

Change only comes when the individual sees that they are conditioned and then finds a way to change the conditioning without using the conditioning to change. - People's Dharma Circle Bryan

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