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Meditation is a practice to develop a general perspective and process that we apply to our lives. That includes the environment of our lives. Why seek an ideal practice situation when there are no ideal life situations that will occur? Why do we want to develop artificial ideal environments to experience meditation? Gautama the Buddha... Continue Reading →

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The How of Zen

“How I am in life is so much more important than who I think I am.”- People’s Dharma Circle In Zen and Tao it's how we do what we do when we do it. It's never placing value on what we are doing, it's placing the value and meaning on how we do what we... Continue Reading →

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Zen, Tao, and “About Realty”

I was listening to a radio show and heard Ashwinni Narayanan say that Conditioned mind steps in as soon as there is judgement and opinion. That rings true for me. My Conditioned personality loves to weigh judgment and opinion. Awareness practice can bring us to a place where we understand that opinions and judgement are... Continue Reading →

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Zen and the Art of Knowing

Anything we recognize and know is only a fragment of some whole. The concept of Dependent arising indicates that everything is connected and has influence on everything else. It’s vital to see that what we are examining is a fragment of a whole. This is not to say don’t examine. It is not to say... Continue Reading →

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Zen word

Lately I've been thinking: Conditioned personality seems to disregard the whole idea of spending my valuable time in thinking about my response. It reads any situation as vaguely critical, confrontational, opportunistic, and needing an immediate reaction to prove it exists. It has enabled a pretending that it must protect itself, be clever, and elevate itself... Continue Reading →

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Being Buddha or Being Buddha?

All those nice quiet Zen/Tao people you know that you admire don’t have a life any different than yours. They have a response to conditioning that is different. Practicing awareness is to “Welcome Awareness” to the ride. Awareness redirects the perspective on the experience. When we react from conditioning and are aware of it, we... Continue Reading →

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Zen, Tao, and True Home

"Moments of Feeling emotionally sad and melancholy can be a profound experience. Being sad and melancholy is suffering.” There is a profound difference between feeling something or being something. Awareness practice focuses on the intense experience of engaging then watching things rise and fall, never becoming that thing, never grasping onto or holding. See what... Continue Reading →

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An Open Letter

A PEOPLE’S DHARMA WELCOME: An Open Letter My name is Bryan Wagner, and this is “A People’s Dharma” site. The word “Dharma” is being used in the Hindu sense of “Wisdom.” I started this site as a voice for the organization named after the book,“Visions of a People’s Dharma.” “Visions” is about the Dharma based... Continue Reading →

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A People’s Dharma 2 Core Spirituality   TOOLS Cheri Huber and Living Compassion: Sri Nisargadatta: I AM THAT Linda Elder and Richard Paul: Critical Thinking I Support and Believe in these organizations Please Check them Out!! Thank you!!!!

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Vision’s Video

     The first of a series of Dharma talks based on the book "Visions of a People's Dharma. I want to take some of the subjects and explore them live. Contact information is at the end. This was super fun to do and I learned so much from the process. I hope you enjoy... Continue Reading →

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The Lightworker

I found this book valuable. Melissa LaFontaine has written about her experience in being homeless and living in a shelter. She is an intelligent and perceptive writer who paints the picture in some detail. She indicates that the experience is not one without value and discusses the insights concerning human nature and quality. She makes... Continue Reading →

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