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"Moments of Feeling emotionally sad and melancholy can be a profound experience. Being sad and melancholy is suffering.” There is a profound difference between feeling something or being something. Awareness practice focuses on the intense experience of engaging then watching things rise and fall, never becoming that thing, never grasping onto or holding. See what... Continue Reading →

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Tao Zen Love

Love is not a thing and thinking about love is not love. Love has always been a verb, to love is to manifest love, with kindness and compassion.”

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Being Buddha, Zen, and the Tao

A friend was discussing the amount of work it appears to be taking her to follow the Buddha's path. I am suspecting she was in a pretty down cycle and was having lots of trouble staying focused on much of anything. (She has been studying Soto Zen and wants to become a teacher.) So, it... Continue Reading →

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An Open Letter

A PEOPLE’S DHARMA WELCOME: An Open Letter My name is Bryan Wagner, and this is “A People’s Dharma” site. The word “Dharma” is being used in the Hindu sense of “Wisdom.” I started this site as a voice for the organization named after the book,“Visions of a People’s Dharma.” “Visions” is about the Dharma based... Continue Reading →

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Vision’s Video

     The first of a series of Dharma talks based on the book "Visions of a People's Dharma. I want to take some of the subjects and explore them live. Contact information is at the end. This was super fun to do and I learned so much from the process. I hope you enjoy... Continue Reading →

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A People’s Dharma 2 Core Spirituality

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cnv0ncOW3s&t=7s   TOOLS Cheri Huber and Living Compassion: http://www.livingcompassion.org/ Sri Nisargadatta: I AM THAT     https://www.amazon.com/I-Am-That-Nisargadatta-Maharaj/dp/0893860468 Linda Elder and Richard Paul: Critical Thinking https://www.amazon.com/Critical-Thinking-Taking-Charge-Learning/dp/0131149628/ref=sr_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1535132173&sr=1-11&refinements=p_27%3ARichard+Paul+and+Linda+Elder I Support and Believe in these organizations Please Check them Out!! Thank you!!!! https://www.livingcompassion.org/africa/home https://www.starryskiesequinerescueandsanctuary.com/

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Love and Loving

Keep evolving and you will see that we constantly color people and events with the paints we have been given through conditioning supported by our social and cultural structures. We see everything with our own colored filters. We use the colors of our parents, our culture, our schooling, our religious values, social values, economic and... Continue Reading →

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